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Selected Tools



SAP’s Integrated Performance (Cause & Effect) Analysis

Integrated or triple bottom line reporting is based on the idea that a company’s performance must take into account its social, environmental, and economic impacts.  These realms are intrinsically linked: actions taken in one area affect another.  Companies can increase their value creation by responding more effectively to the business landscape. But what do we know about the synergies between our financial and non-financial indicators? Challenging ourselves to go beyond our assumptions, SAP looked into the connections through an integrated performance analysis.

“This analysis is still in its early stages but it can be critical for extractive companies in terms of integrated management using a holistic sustainability and operational dashboard. We have advanced integrated reporting. The next frontier is using this for day to day integrated management at operational levels,” says Thomas Odenwald, Sustainability Strategies, Senior Vice President, SAP.

“Extractive companies know very well the interdependence of technical and beyond technical risks to an operation.  Many projects are being stopped due to above ground challenges.  We need real-time systems that help enlightened managers track and take decisions accordingly, understanding all the value at stake.”

The University of Queensland’s new research initiative on mining and resettlementThe University of Queensland’s new research initiative on mining and resettlement

In 2015, the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) at The University of Queensland will launch a mining and resettlement research initiative.

The initiative will include a publicly available e-library of mining-specific studies, resources, and articles for industry, policy makers, researchers and civil society groups. As part of the initiative, CSRM will also develop a global database, conduct a resettlement practitioner survey, edit an Occasional Paper series, and formulate a range of teaching cases.

The aim of the initiative is to:

  • Increase understanding of how resettlement risks from mining are being managed by industry;
  • Identify strategies for improving outcomes for people affected by mining and resettlement;
  • Conduct applied research that informs future policy and practice; and
  • Contribute to debates about social due diligence for mining-induced resettlement.

CSRM’s work is supported by company start-up funds from Rio Tinto, Anglo American, Newmont, and Newcrest. websiteIFC’s CommDev: A repository for information on enhancing benefits to communities

CommDev houses selected public documents, tools, case studies, training opportunities, presentations, and resources produced by IFC, partners and other organizations to guide companies in delivering shared value and enhancing benefits to local communities. It is a well-established repository for information on community issues related to the extractive industries as well as agribusiness, forestry, and infrastructure.

IFC’s Financial Valuation (FV) tool for sustainability investmentsIFC’s Financial Valuation (FV) tool for sustainability investments

This tool helps estimate the financial return on site-specific sustainability investments, allowing managers to plan, implement and communicate the value of their social spending. More specifically, the FV tool aims to enable the justification and quantification of the business case for social investments as well as the comparative analysis of the portfolio of sustainable business options. It can strengthen the business case for community investments, enhance local development outcomes through improved project planning and evaluation, and help secure ongoing support from management and shareholders.

Visual Capitalist: Infographics on miningVisual Capitalist: Infographics on mining

The Visual Capitalist site was founded in 2011 in the belief that art, data, and storytelling can be combined in a manner that makes complex issues and processes more digestible. The site is populated with exclusive infographics on business opportunities and investment trends in mining and a few other sectors.

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